Colourful ukuleles

Colourful ukuleles

A ukulele learner

A ukulele learner



The ukulele, from Hawaii, is the smallest member of the guitar family. It makes an ideal starter instrument for a child as young as 6. It is small, light and easy to hold whether sitting down or standing up. It has just four strings (the guitar has six) which makes it easy to learn your way around the fingerboard. If switching to guitar later on, the pupil will have a big head-start as the ukulele fingering patterns are also found on the upper strings of the guitar.

It makes a great instrument for an adult too. If you are new to music, it will give you a nice simple start. If you are an experienced musician, you will find you can start making your own music on the ukulele very quickly. For a child, the smallest size (soprano) is usually best. Adults will often find the soprano too small and will be more comfortable with a larger-sized concert or tenor ukulele (despite the names, all these instruments are tuned to the same pitch – they differ only in size).

Hopefully these video clips will give an idea of what the ukulele can do, and inspire you to have a go!

Soul Sister


Let's Dance


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