Ringing Strings is my mobile music school for classical and acoustic guitar, mandolin and ukulele. I work in a number of primary schools in Cambridgeshire, teaching pupils during their school day - either individually, in small groups or whole classes.

This site is an easy way for me to communicate with a large number of parents and pupils. If you are a new customer, there are pages of information about the instruments, grades etc and explaining how I work. If you are already signed up for lessons, you should have your own login (see below) for your weekly lesson notes.

Do have a look round the site, and you are welcome to email me if your question is not answered here. The site does not include lesson prices, as there are different arrangements in different schools. 

I've been teaching music in schools for over 20 years now and I still love it and I'm still learning!

And by the way, I'm fully up to date with Child Protection requirements including DBS, and am a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM).

Thanks!  Hugh Boyde

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News, updates and musings

March 15th 2017

For my pupils who think they know how to play ukulele: you might get some new ideas from this clip!

Feb 13th 2017

If you really want to speed up your child's note-reading, try some of the many sets of Rainbow Guitar and Rainbow Ukulele flashcards which are posted on Quizlet! I sometimes use these in lessons, but you can work with them at home any time.

Quizlet flashcard sets for Rainbow Guitar Book 1 

Quizlet flashcard sets for Rainbow Guitar Book 2

Quizlet flashcard sets for Rainbow Ukulele Book 1

Quizlet flashcard sets for Rainbow Ukulele Book 2

All the material can be used in the time-honoured flashcard format, or as the basis for a variety of fun and motivating games. For a quick taster, try the following very simple set of guitar flashcards (in this activity you just have to respond "0" for an open string note, and "2" for a 2nd fret note). If you then follow the link through to the Quizlet site, you will find a variety of motivating games that you can play with the same notes. Do let me know how you get on!

Jan 5th 2017

Happy New year everyone!

I really like the painted frets...: