Ringing Strings is my mobile music school for classical and acoustic guitar, mandolin and ukulele. I work in a number of primary schools in Cambridgeshire, teaching pupils during their school day - either individually, in small groups or whole classes.

This site is an easy way for me to communicate with a large number of parents and pupils. If you are a new customer, there are pages of information about the instruments, grades etc and explaining how I work. If you are already signed up for lessons, you should have your own login (see below) for your weekly lesson notes.

Do have a look round the site, and you are welcome to email me if your question is not answered here. The site does not include lesson prices, as there are different arrangements in different schools. 

I've been teaching music in schools for over 20 years now and I still love it and I'm still learning!

And by the way, I'm fully up to date with Child Protection requirements including DBS, and am a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM).

Thanks!  Hugh Boyde

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News, updates and musings

September 19th 2016

People often ask me around this time of year "How much should I be practising?" I have given all sorts of answers to this question over the years. Here is my current (very short) answer: "Most days!" Simple as that - there should be more days when you practise, than days when you don't practise.

(If you do the maths, you will soon figure out that it means you need to be practising between 4 times a week (which is OK) and 7 times a week (which is very good).  Try it!

September 5th 2016

Welcome back everyone! This is a time of year when lots of pupils have to think quite hard to remember how many strings there are, which way round the instrument goes etc. To save your blushes, here is a quick crib sheet: Guitar - 6. Ukulele - 4. Head of the instrument pointing towards your left shoulder (strings facing outwards).  There, now you'll be much more relaxed and confident for your 1st lesson :)